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I just cant express it at all

This maybe one of the weakest nights I ever felt myself to be so fragile.
I feel so damn sad because I feel like no one really cares about me. No one gives me the importance. Don’t I deserve any care back?
I know that I shouldn’t ask for anything in return. But I feel so damn sad and no one even realizes that I am. I am not crying because I’m afraid to be alone. I’m just sad to realize the fact that no one cares even if I have tried my best to give care to other. I miss the warm; it seems like I have forgotten how it feels like when someone really cares so badly for me. Actually, I don’t know if that situation or case ever happened. Perhaps I am bound to travel this road alone, and I must try to be numb. It is so hard. But I guess I don’t have any other choice but to. I’m saddened to realize this fact, but this is just it. No one cares, nobody dare to, even if I’ve given so much. I’m just not enough. Not ever going to be.
In the end, I’ll just have to do one thing, do what I have to do. And feel nothing for anyone, like how they made me feel like.
Another thing I realized. If he or she really cares, he or she will find a way. He wouldn’t settle for a “no” answer. Because if he did, he doesn’t really care, he just asked for the sake of asking. But it isn’t enough.